Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Warrior goes it alone!

heh...leave it to a Detroit boy.

Ahem, Blase-Blah...we already know the NCCAs rule changes regading heads.
We all know that Warrior filed a $30 mil lawsuit claiming loss due to inventory and product development.

But here's some side drama.
"In an e-mailed statement, Jason Goger, general manager of STX, said his company disagrees with Warrior's charges against the NCAA, noting the NCAA gave equipment manufacturers fair opportunities to comment on the proposed rule change and ample time to make the required adjustments. "
"Harrow Sports, a smaller equipment manufacture, had a more neutral take on the lawsuit. Jeremy Gurley, vice president of operations at Harrow, said he doesn't see the rule change as that big of an issue. Warrior Sports invited Harrow to back them in the lawsuit, but Harrow respectfully declined, Gurley said, adding he expects Warrior extended the offer to other manufacturers. "
even more...
"Shamrock Lacrosse declined comment for this story, while Reebok, Gait by de Beer and Maverik did not return phone calls and e-mails."

Me, personally? I think the pinched heads are crap and the rule should be changed. I play with a stx proton and a warrior diablo.
(please bring the Diablo back Warrior. I just like saying it...Diablo...)

Anyway, the article is a quick read, go check it out at laxmagazine.cstv.com


Source: laxmagazine.cstv.com

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