Tuesday, September 16, 2008

North Carolina to make Lacrosse Offical HS Sport!

well, maybe for the 09-10 season...

It took way too long in my opinion.
With powerhouses NC and Duke 45 min outside of the capital it's a natural.

I'm not going to get into a rant about how other "sports" are adopted readily and Lacrosse gets treated like a step-child, so I'll tell you what this means.

Finally HS mens and womens club teams will be able to participate in a sanctioned Sate Championship.

Why are they jumping on the lax band wagon now?

“We met with the lacrosse folks that know the most about it, and they said it's getting ready to explode,” said North Carolina High School Athletics Association executive director Charlie Adams. Hmmm, money or best interest of the kids? You decide.

On a side note only 18 states recognize Lacrosse as an "official" HS sport.
And an even further aside - Bowling was the fastest growing HS sport.
Get it together people.

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Source: charlotteobserver.com

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